whole restoration took

 In the 80's when the painting was in display, a struggling artist called Gerard Jan van Bladeren attacked it with a box-cutter, cutting the painting. fansonlysports fans only sports Website fans only sports co uk discusssports discuss sports Website discuss sports co uk manysports many sports Website many sports co uk sportsyoulike sports you like Website sports you like co uk aspectofsport aspect of sport Website aspect of sport co uk

 The center of the canvas. According to reports, the "slashes when added together were more than fifty feet long." However, this is only the beginning.


 The beginning of the story. When the painting was being repaired, it proved to be just the same as controversial and controversial as the vandalism.


 The whole restoration took four years. It cost over $1M.


 Daniel Goldreyer is the conservator of work. Goldreyer was initially employed by Stedelijk to repair the painting. He promised them that he could do it in less than the 98% mark..