What is the problem with the healthcare System Failing Black Women?

A total of 700 women die in the United States each year as because of pregnancy or delivery complications There are a lot of complications with delivery, and Black women are more likely to experience these preventable deaths than white women. "Black women aren't being heard. Even women who have all the resources including Serena Williams, Beyonce, Allyson Felix -- who were struggling around pregnancy and childbirth were not heard," says Harris. "We need to make sure that women are heard, and that their concerns are considered seriously in the event of pain or leg swelling or their mood swings."

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 As a youngster I was convinced that shingles was the same illness that struck sailors on the sea. It was something I had read about as a childhood disease. However, when I was in college, my father developed the virus after undergoing an operation to repair his heart with triple bypass followed by just a few years later his mother (my grandmother) also developed the disease following the death of my uncle. Shingles became a common condition among older adults or those who had been through many stressful events.

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 A friend going through divorce was diagnosed with the same rash later in life. But, she was just in her 30s. And another friend, also in his thirties, got it -- apparently from having close contact with his grandfather who was suffering from shingles.

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 It's not as if I didn't realize that shingles can strike any person, no matter how old or young, when I was aged 43. It's not as if I wasn't aware that the rash was painful, usually in the middle your body, caused by the herpes virus. The virus can remain within your body for a long time after having chickenpox.