populated County in America

 For more information, we interviewed Guy Merrill (4Culture) as 4Culture’s Public Art Collection Preparator and Jordan Howland (4Culture’s Curator & Collections Manager).


 They are currently using Artwork Archive's cloud based platform to continue--and expand--their important work.


 King County is the 10th largest populated County in America. King County Public Art Collection has a variety of sizes and types-civic spaces. gardenallabout garden all about Website garden all about com homedeepspace home deep space Website home deep space com great-wallpaper great wallpaper Website great wallpaper com advisewedding advise wedding Website advise wedding com studywedding study wedding Website study wedding com

 Courthouses. Jails. Public Health Centers. Airports. Solid waste facilities. Administration office. Hospitals. That's a lot to keep track.


 Include artworks that are placed at these locations.