physically sick

 Who's Afraid of Art Restoration?

 The podcast 99 percent Invisible has a delightfully debaucherous episode called "The Many Deaths of a Painting," that concerns the painting that's scared of


 American postwar artist Barnett Newman's Red, Yellow, Blue III. The painting is a straightforward composition using only three primary color -- however, it is a complex one.


 The most popular color was red -- which was so offensive to visitors at Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum (which acquired it in 1969) Many of them recollected their feelings. successfulinsurance successful insurance Website successful insurance co uk insurancesure insurance sure Website insurance sure co uk insuranceopinion insurance opinion Website insurance opinion co uk dailyloanstudy daily loan study Website daily loan study com loanloving loan loving Website loan loving com

 physically sick and/or angry just by the sight of it.


 In the 80's when the painting was on view, a 30 year-old struggling artist called Gerard Jan van Bladeren attacked it with a box-cutter, cutting the painting.