New Home COVID-19 Tests Ease the Process

At the beginning of the pandemic, for those who wanted to take a COVID-19 test, you'd have to find the government-run testing center and stand in line -at times for hoursor visit the doctor's office or medical center that was administering the test.

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 Fortunately, testing for COVID-19 is a lot easier.


 COVID-19 self-tests have been in use since November, 2020, the date the FDA approved the tests. The FDA, however, first authorized COVID-19 self-tests in November of 2020.


 The FDA issued an emergency approval in March 2021, for a range of tests that don't require prescriptions. They are also relatively affordable and can be conducted at home in just 15 minutes. In the beginning of October, they added another option to the home testing options.

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 People are returning to socializing , traveling to school and to working with colleagues at the office. Rapid home tests could prove particularly beneficial.


 The CDC recommends that any person suffering from COVID-19 symptoms should be tested, regardless of whether they have been vaccination-free. People who have had exposure to COVID-19 should also be evaluated.


 The CDC says that the test could be performed at home, or with a healthcare professional. You should also keep the test results confidential until you are sure.


 "Home testing lets you easily determine whether you're a carrier, so you can isolate before passing the virus to another," Dr. Gronvall states.

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 COVID-19 Home Tests may be useful for travel

 To satisfy international travel regulations Certain home tests can be taken. The CDC states that anyone traveling to the United States should show proof of a negative test result within three days. (Some countries require proof similar to that a positive test was completed within the last 3 days before they will allow entry into the country.


 Home tests with an element of telehealth, where the test provider validates your identity, monitors you taking your test and confirms that the test result is negative, and issue a written statement in that regard, can be used to satisfy this requirement, the CDC declares.