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EXANTE Broker Review


EXANTE broker, one of Europe's largest, has been around since 2011: more than 10 years. You have many options to trade successfully with it. Successful trading on stock exchanges is all about the right place to start. This starts with choosing a reliable broker that has access to the markets. Let's compare EXANTE with other brokers to see the advantages and features that EXANTE has for its clients.

Description of the company

The stock broker proved to be a trustworthy partner during the course of the work day. It is managed by Cypriot company which is the regulator of the highest rank - CySEC. EXANTE has won numerous prestigious awards such as the Best Broker 2020 award. EXANTE is the best broker 2020, or broker offering a broad range of trading instruments. This creates optimal trading conditions and offers you the best trading opportunities. These are the key benefits clients receive:

EXANTE's brokerage service stands out for its individual approach and flexibility when it comes to providing trading conditions. It is a company that focuses on two types of clients: large corporations and private traders.

The company trades financial instruments

Stocks and ETFs. This is the most preferred investment option among traders. EXANTE allows traders to trade with more than 10000 issuers, including the most well-known American companies and lesser-known ones that are traded in Europe or Asia. Participation in IPOs

Bonds. A low-risk instrument that can help diversify portfolios. Trade of corporate or government bonds on the stock exchange.

Futures. Trade contracts available on over 30 global futures exchanges. Trade on all instruments, from bonds to raw materials.

Options. Option contracts offer the greatest profit of all exchange-traded instruments. They can be used to make up to 1000% transactions during periods of high volatility.

Currency pairs. Spreads starting at 0.3 pip for over 50 currencies

Funds. Hedge funds offer investors the chance to invest.

Metals. There are five types of precious metals. Trade with various instruments: futures, options or investing in ETF funds that invest in precious metals.

Cryptocurrency. Over 80 popular digital currencies.

Description of the trading platform

A broker must provide clients with a modern trading platform that works on all devices. EXANTE developed a trading platform that can be used in all formats: desktop, mobile and web.

Computer terminal

Any operating system can be used to run the desktop platform.


Mobile application

EXANTE allows traders and active speculators to monitor their open positions. This service is available for both Android and iOS.



The application provides a limited number of indicators, just like the main terminal.

EXANTE does not offer other trading apps, such as MetaTrader4 and 5, which are very popular among millions of traders around the world.

Trade terms and tariffs

Client terms for opening transactions vary depending on the issuer and exchange they are listed on. These are the EXANTE rates for opening transactions:

  1. Stocks. Stocks. Trades on the Athens Stock Exchange are 0.32%. Purchases of securities, such as on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, are 0.1%.

  2. Currency pairs. Spreads starting at 0.3

  3. Metals. Silver and gold - 0.005% Copper, palladium and platinum - $3

  4. Futures and options. Contracts starting at 1.5 USD

  5. Bonds. 9 bps

  6. Funds starting at 0.5%

These are the general trading conditions for the account:

When submitting the broker’s purchase order, the trader will be able to see the exact amount of commission on the open deal in the terminal or application.

Withdraw and deposit

Traders need to be able to withdraw and deposit money.

EXANTE accounts are replenished on the following terms.

These conditions apply to withdrawals from accounts:

EXANTE transactions can only be made by bank transfer. This is why it's considered the most secure. This is especially true when you are dealing with large deposits.

Technical support

Clients have access to multilingual support services (employees are able to communicate in more than 10 languages) 24 hours a days and 7 days a weeks. Any issues can be solved by the client during working hours with a personal manager.

These are some ways you can appeal:

Service evaluation based on several criteria

Reliability of brokers 5/5

Trading Platform 5/5

Customer support 5/5

Tariffs 4/5

Overall rating 4.8/5

EXANTE is a broker who values individuality.

Stockbroker EXANTE has a high level of specialized status because not all private clients have access to trading with the company. This is why the minimum deposit of EUR 10,000 cannot be made by everyone.

For example, the broker is trusted by private traders as well as corporate investors. The minimum deposit for these investors is EUR 50,000. The company is very concerned about the safety of clients' funds and has strict requirements regarding withdrawal and deposit - bank transfers are the only way to do so.

EXANTE's long history, which spans more than 10 years, and its partner banks (HSBC) confirm the brand's position and the numerous awards it has won. Stock broker is rightly regarded as one of Europe's most trusted.