It doesn't matter if you own an assortment

Designer Sneaker Collabs That Will Really Upgrade Your Footwear Game

 Everybody has embraced the culture of sneakers. It doesn't matter if you own an assortment of designer heels such as Carrie Bradshaw or prefer loafers to trainers, casual sneakers are bound to find their way into every closet. Sneakers have also become the ultimate fashion accessory since the lines between streetwear, luxury and fashion have been become blurred. The iconic fashion houses Chanel, Gucci Gucci, Dior and Louis Vuitton have all beent on sneakers.

 Many of these designer labels have teamed up with sports brands such as Nike and adidas to create unique, hyped-up sneaker drops. From Dior's Air Jordan 1 and Prada's adidas Superstar to Aime Leon Dore's ultra-cool New Balance 550, we rounded up seven high fashionable sneaker collaborations you won't wish to miss. Scroll down to read the full details and take a look at our selection of the most stylish sneakers in 2021.

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 Dior's partnership with Jordan Brand was the hottest sneaker release of the year 2020. Only 8,500 pairs were available worldwide. It was a huge need. Combining the design of Michael Jordan's legendary Air Jordan 1 (which first was released in 1984) with the couture-level workmanship of Dior, these sneakers are something truly special. Celebrities, sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts all went crazy for the "Air Dior" winged logo branding. The design details helped the collab quickly sell on resale sites at 398 percent higher than its original retail price, only a few days after its release.

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 JW Anderson's collaboration is the best alternative for a low-cost and high-end sneaker for everyday wear. In 2017, the British designer JW Anderson joined up to create a range of wearable sneakers.