Designer Sneaker Collabs Will Make Your Footwear More Fashionable

Everybody has embraced the culture of sneakers. If you own a designer shoe collection that is as impressive as Carrie Bradshaw's, or are more of a loafer-loving prepster, casual sneakers have probably made it into your closet beyond the confines of workout-wear. Sneakers are becoming the most sought-after piece in fashion, since the line between streetwear and luxury has blurred. Therefore, heritage brands such Dior, Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton all have a stake in sneakers.

 A lot of these labels have collaborated with Nike and adidas to develop exclusive sneaker designs. There are seven of the most fashionable sneaker collaborations you shouldn't overlook, such as Prada's adidas Superstar and Dior's Air Jordan 1. Follow the links below to learn how to get your hands on these coveted releases. And don't forget to check out our edit of 2021's most stylish sneakers as well.
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 Jordan Brand and Dior teamed together to design the most sought-after sneakers of the year 2020. In the world, only 8,500 pairs were sold. The demand was as strong as the excitement. The sneakers combine the iconic design of Michael Jordan's Air Jordan 1 with the couture-level craftsmanship from Dior. Celebrities, sneakerheads, and high fashion enthusiasts alike were awestruck for "Air Dior" winged logo branding and Dior Oblique patterned Swoosh; particulars that made the collaboration swiftly appear on resales sites at 398 percent more than the original retail price mere days after the release.

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 JW Anderson's collaboration is the best option for an affordable and high-end sneaker for everyday wear. The British designer first teamed up with the heritage brand of sneakers in 2017 and has been releasing a slew of cool sneakers that are wearable since then.