Designer Sneaker Collabs that will Refresh Your Footwear Game

Everyone's wardrobes are heavily influenced by the sneaker culture. Casual sneakers will likely find their way into your wardrobe, beyond the boundaries of and workout clothes, regardless of whether you own a shoe collection with designer heels that rivals Carrie Bradshaw's, or prefer a relaxed loafer-loving prester. Incidentally, sneakers have become the sexiest thing in the fashion world too in the sense that the lines between luxury and streetwear have continued to blur. The legacy brands Chanel, Gucci Gucci, Dior and Louis Vuitton have all beent on sneakers.

 A lot of these brands have collaborated with sports brands such as Nike and adidas to make exclusive, high-end sneaker releases. There are seven of the most fashionable sneaker collaborations you shouldn't overlook, such as Prada's adidas Superstar and Dior's Air Jordan 1. Continue scrolling to learn how you can get these exclusive releases. Also, don't miss our pick of the most stylish sneakers in 2021.

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 Jordan Brand and Dior teamed together to design the most popular sneaker of 2020. Only 8,500 pairs were available worldwide. This was a real need. These sneakers combine the unique silhouette of Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan 1 (first seen in 1984) with the haute couture workmanship of Dior. The world of sneakerheads, celebrities and high fashion experts were awed by the "Air Dior” logo branding and Dior Oblique pattern Swoosh. This combination saw the sneakers immediately go on sale for 398% more than the original retail price just days after the launch.

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 JW Anderson's partnership is the best option for an affordable and high-end sneaker for everyday wear. The British designer first teamed with the brand's heritage sneaker in 2017 and has been steadily releasing a number of stylish, wearable kicks since the beginning of.