Casual sneakers will likely find their way

Designer Sneaker Collabs That Will Really Upgrade Your Style Game

 Sneaker culture is omnipresent in everyone's closets. Casual sneakers will likely find their way into your wardrobe, beyond the boundaries of and workout-wear, regardless of whether you have a shoe collection with designer heels that rivals Carrie Bradshaw's or if you are a more relaxed loafer-loving prester. Incidentally, sneakers have become the sexiest thing in the fashion world, too in the sense that the lines between streetwear and luxury continue to blur. This is why the iconic brands such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton have all bet on sneakers.

 Many of these designer brands have taken the trend of sneaker sneakers to the next level by collaborating directly with sports brands such as adidas and Nike to design truly original and hyped--sneaker drops. We've compiled seven of the most fashionable sneakers, ranging from Prada's adidas Starstar and Dior's Air Jordan 1 to Aime Leon Dore’s super-cool New Balance 555; you won't regret it. Follow the links below to learn how you can get your hands on these sold-out releases, and don't forget to check out our edit of the most fashionable sneakers in 2021, too.

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 Dior's collaboration with Jordan Brand was the hottest sneaker drop of the year 2020. The demand was real, and limited to only 8,500 pairs in the world. The sneakers blend the distinctive design of Michael Jordan's Air Jordan 1 (first seen in 1984) with the haute couture craftsmanship of Dior. Celebrities, sneakerheads and fashion experts were awed by the "Air Dior” winged logo branding, and the Dior Oblique patterned, Swoosh. Details that saw the collaboration quickly appear on resale sites for 398 per cent above its original retail price just days after the release.

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 JW Anderson's collaboration with Converse is a ideal example of an everyday sneaker that's affordable. The British designer first joined forces with the brand's heritage sneaker in 2017 and has been steadily releasing a number of stylish, wearable kicks since the beginning of.