Teams can collaborate closely

Teams can collaborate closely


Similar to our previous example, only this time, I'm talking about communication within the company. Because employees are more closely connected and work closely, it's easier to build better relationships.

Instead of waiting for a reply to a lengthy email from a coworker regarding an issue, it's much easier to just contact the person directly. 

4. You're on a limited budget


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It may seem odd that having very little money can be a positive thing. The answer is easy. You are able to, and have to, be more imaginative when it comes to spending your money than your competitors. Because you need to ensure that each dollar is used in a manner that will benefit your company. This doesn't mean that you need to try 10 different methods to tackle the same issue. Instead, you should work harder on the one you choose and make sure it works well.

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This doesn't necessarily mean that large corporations can't be creative with massive amounts of money however, it does mean that they're more likely to settle on a solution that is effective since they are able to modify it at any point. Another thing to remember is that you need to fix it quickly. These limitations are often the most effective.