Food and personal care


These up-close-and-personal sales are expected to reach $468.5 billion this year. Many of the products are essential items that require replacement on a regular basis. People were already showing an interest in purchasing quality cosmetics prior to the pandemic. CNBC conducted a 2017 CNBC study of Amazon products and discovered that the sales of luxury cosmetics increased by 47% per year.

Another consequence of spending more time in the home is that more people are more focused on cooking. CNBC's same analysis placed grocery (38%) and pantry (33% respectively) as the most successful areas. A survey of consumers in March 2021 revealed that 43% of the respondents indicated that they'd like to cook more at the home. 42% of those who responded to an Experian survey in the same month reported that they spend more on groceries than they were before the outbreak. Consumables remain a viable option for lucrative sales, regardless of whether it's food and personal care.


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5. Furniture and appliances


The Projections are listed last of our top five products, with the potential of $362.90 billion in sales. CNBC 2017 data has already put furniture (33 percent) as one of Amazon's top products growth performers, before the pandemic. Now, with people investing in home offices, that market is expected to register an annual compound increase of 5% from 2021 to 2026.

It is essential to be more in your home and invest more in its spaces. Mintel revealed that appliances experienced an increase of 5.5 percent in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. Additionally, people are prioritizing their homes and are more likely to spend more on conveniences. A company that sells online in this field could prove to be lucrative.

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Online shopping will continue its evolution as it becomes our main method of consumption. Even though online shopping for cars and other automobiles will continue to increase in popularity, it may take a while before it is a top five selling item. These markets are certain to be the future. So get in on them now to have the best chances of success.